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Specialist areas include:

- Process Design

- Heat Transfer Analysis

- Control Philosophy 

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HeaterSim provides fired heater engineering software and has developed Heater560, our latest software that saves up to 70% of engineering time by automatically generating Fired Heater Datasheets, GA drawings and Cost Estimates instantly.

Heater560 Software - Video demo

Heater560 is the fastest fired heater simulation software in the world and comes packed with host of features to make life easier for you. 

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Fired Heate FEED Wizard

The Heater560 software has a unique FEED Wizard tool which actually design a fired heater for you, based on your specified requirements and API 560.

More about FEED Wizard >>

Simulation Software Acurracy

Heater560 utilises well-established fired heater correlations and results compare closely with other reliable program method. 

Accurate Fired Heater Simulation >>