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The Heater560 FEED Wizard will automatically design a fired heater based on your basic specified requirements. By entering basic data such as inlet temperature, outlet temperature and allowable pressure drop, the wizard will automatically design a fired heater to suit your needs.

Documents such as datasheets, drawings and Cost Estimates are also produced instantly, saving a huge amount of time and costs for your company. This powerful feature of the software is perfect for all your FEED stage projects or budgetary design proposals.

Benefits for EPC and End Users/Operators

- Assess the costs for particular heater project in seconds

- Attain key engineering data (such as sizing, emission data, etc)

- Rapidly prepare documents for formal requisitions/enquiries

- Early problem identification (i.e. size restrictions, API 560 non-compliance)

- Attain key data for technical and commercial bid evaluation

- Eliminate equipment design time and associated costs

Benefits for Fired Heater Companies/Specialists:

- Prepare budgetary bids faster than your competitors

- Respond to client queries faster than your competitors

- Reduce time and costs in preparing designs

- Create a rapid initial design point (which you can then tweak and adjust)

- Allows more time to focus on high priority activities

- Compare design options and costs more effectively than your competitors

The FEED Wizard enables engineers to produce fired heater designs, associated documents and detailed cost estimates faster than ever before. Engineering tasks that would take at least 4-5 hours can now be completed within 3 seconds. The value of the tremendous savings in time and money are estimated to be worth $10,000s for your business.

With such features, our customers are empowered to act faster and adapt to changes quickly, minimising man-hour costs.

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