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Heater560 is able to model the effectiveness of refractory insulation in fired heaters. Such features have proven useful during Revamp, Troubleshooting, Design, Feasibility and Efficiency Improvement projects.

Replacing refractory during revamp projects can help to significantly increase efficiency and reduce external casing hot spots, improving safety for operator personnel.

Refractory calculations effectiveness can be calculated by either of the following ways:

1) Allow the program to automatically select and determine a suitable thickness for the thermal conditions

2) You specify the material and thickness and the program will calculate whether the specified thickness is sufficient for the thermal conditions.

There are a number of 'built-in' refractory materials within the program, however, you can add new refractory material and conductivity data if you wish. Please click here to see how to add your own refractory material


The refractory calculations are carried out separately for the main areas of the heater as follows:

- Radiant Floor

- Radiant Walls

- Radiant Arch (Radiant roof)

- Convection Side Walls

- Stack

As the calculations are carried out separately for each of the above sections, you are able to assess the performace of each area individually. The thicknesses of each area can also be modified, which provides the freedom to analyse the refractory effectiveness for a given thickness at a particular point. This ablity is very useful when modelling existing heaters during revamp projects, where there may be a need to assess refractory performance and/or replace refractory in particular areas of the heater.

Refractory Calculation Input Window:

Refractory Calculation Output Window:

Fired Heater Refractory Calculation Output Results Window
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