Fired Heater Simulation & Modelling

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Heater560 also has a Control Room Simulation mode, which allows you to quickly examine different operation cases from a control room perspective. There are easy to use toggle bars, that allow you to easily adjust fuel flow, air flow and process flow.

This feature also has active Alarm and Trip settings, which will become active if the operation parameters are adjusted outside of thei safety limits. Heater560 will automatically calculate and suggest suitable Alarm and Trip settings for a particular heater design, but you have the freedom to modify these values if you wish

This feature is perfect for Operator Training, HAZOP & SIL exercises, Troubleshooting and Safety Studies.

Other features

- Fixed Outlet control loop enabling

- Carbon Monoxide (CO) production calculation

- Alarm and Trip Settings with indication on the screen/HMI

- Valve Positioning Feedback

- Damper Positioning Feedback

- Dynamic Arch Pressure calculation

Benefits for Fired Heater Companies/Specialists:

- HAZOP & SIL Exercises

- Operator Training

- Troubleshooting

- Safety Studies

- Alarm and Trip Point modifications

With such features, our customers are able to analyse different operational cases and solve problems more quickly and more safely than ever before.

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