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Convenience is a common theme throughout our fired heater software and is evident with the options provided for Stack and Refractory calculations. Having these calculations readily within the program means that complete thermal and draught calculations can be analysed simultaneously. Previously, many companies were forced to have separate MS Excel calculation spreadsheets to calculate and analyse the performance of the stack and refractory. Heater560 now allows for these crucial aspects to be calculated and analysed simultaneously with other parameters of the heater.


You can either allow the program to design an optimised stack automatically, or you can enter stack dimension details manually to assess the performance of an existing stack.

The engineer also has the option to modify stack operation basis such as ambient air temperature, flue gas flow margin and entry and exit velocity head factor losses (K losses). These loss factors can also be specified for the stack damper which allows for accurate modelling of the draft profile within the fired heater by adjustment of the stack damper losses.



Likewise with refractory, you can either allow the program to calculate an optimised refractory design or to enter your preferred refractory build manually. 

The automatic refractory calculation will find the optimum refractory insulation thicknesses for the various parts of the heater. This tool will run automatically every time you complete a simulation, which saves you time having to update the refractory design upon every design change.


The refractory design basis is in accordance with API 560 by default, but you are able to modify the design basis as you may require for particular projects. Similarly, you are also able to select the hot face and back up materials for refractory and specify the thicknesses of each layer. This is very useful for analysing the performance of refractory for an existing fired heater.


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Heater560 Fired Heater Software screenshot
Heater560 Fired Heater Software screenshot
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