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Photo of new vertical cylindrical fired heaters
Box fired heater photo
Photo of new Box fired heaters

Heater560 allows you to prepare bids and proposals up to 70% faster than your competitors by automatically producing complete documents such as Datasheets, Drawings and Cost Estimate. This gives you the additional competitive advantage you need during bid cycles and Client Clarification rounds to secure more fired heater contracts.

The fired heater market has become increasingly more competitive in recent years and the need to prepare cost effective heater designs and respond quickly to client enquiries is paramount in securing contracts for your business. Heater560 provides you with the ability to prepare bids and proposals faster than ever before. Our Cost Estimate feature also gives you the advantage to quickly assess and compare the cost impact of different design options faster than your competitors, so that you to select the most cost effective solution. 

You can save your own sub vendor prices into the program, which means you'll be able to produce cost estimates instantly in accordance with your preferred sub vendor prices. Being able to process your client enquiries in this way can mean the difference between winning or losing a multi-million dollar contract.

The fired heater datasheets and GA drawings produced automatically can incorporate your company logo, titles and format. This means that you can produce these documents in record speeds without compromising your company format, quality and branding.

The FEED Wizard is another powerful software feature, which automatically designs a fired heater for you based on your specified requirements. By entering basic requirements like inlet and outlet temperatures and allowable pressure drop, the wizard automatically designs a suitable fired heater, whilst also preparing datasheets, drawings and a detailed cost estimate in seconds. 

This is perfect for processing budget proposals, which can now be accurately prepared in seconds instead of hours.

The competition amongst fired heater companies is fierce and need to perform cost effectively is constant. Our focus at HeaterSim is to equip your company with the most powerful software to maximise your performance during client bid cycles and clarification rounds.


Cost Estimate

Datasheets & Drawing (with your company logo and format)

FEED Wizard (automatically designs the heater for you)

Stack and Refractory Calculation

Fired Heater Types


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