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We recognise that efficient operation of your fired heaters can increase profitability, as their efficiency directly affects your fuel costs. Safety procedures such Start-up and Purging, are also key areas of focus in order to mitigate the risk of explosion, damage to equipment and serious injuries to operators.

Heater560 allows you to simulate your fired heaters and determine acceptable safety limits of operation, whilst identifying appropriate solutions to increase operational efficiency. Heater560 has a unique 'Live Simulation' tool, which allows you to dynamically analyse heater performance by adjusting operating parameters such as fuel valve position and combustion air flow. Consequently, this tool proves useful during troubleshooting activities, HAZOP and SIL reviews, where potential deviations, risks and safeguards can be identified whilst understanding the crucial elements for DCS control. This feature is only currently available on special editions of Heater560 and can be issued upon request.

The Cost Estimate feature within our program also produces a full cost estimate with up-to-date pricing. This allows you to assess the cost impact of any modifications or upgrades for your fired heaters and enables you to prepare your formal requisitions with more information faster than ever before.

The fired heater datasheets and GA drawings produced automatically can incorporate your company logo, titles and format. This means that you can produce these documents in record speeds without compromising your company format, quality and branding.

Heater560 is the most user friendly fired heater software and calculated results are provided in a very clear format. Calculated results of particular interest to you will be:

- Fired Heater Efficiency

- Emissions

- Radiant Arch and Stack Temperatures

- Fuel consumption

- Combustion Air Flow Rate

- Max Tube temperatures (tube by tube profile)

- Fluid Film and Bulk Temperatures (tube by tube profile)

- Draught profile

- Recommended Alarm and Trip points (BMS design)

All simulation results are also provided with API and UOP commentary. This provides you with confidence in the safety, compliance and acceptability of an existing fired heater within your facility.



Cost Estimate

Datasheets & Drawing 

FEED Wizard (automatically designs the heater for you)

Stack and Refractory Calculation

Fired Heater Types


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