Fired Heater Simulation & Modelling

Student Licence

Simply enter your requirements and get results for your design project.

Available only to Chemical/Mechanical Engineering Degree & Diploma Students (BSc, MSc and PhD levels)

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per user, per year

Our Heater560 Student Licence offers an affordable and powerful tool for students who need to model fired heaters as part of their Design Projects or feasibility studies. The product also includes literature source equations for some of the important heater calculations such as Radiant Duty, Process Pressure Drop and Maximum Tube Temperatures.

Design Project

Remove the stress and strain of the design project with our automatic Wizard Tool, which will design the fired heater for you in seconds. Heater560 also automatically produces Datasheets and Drawings, so you have a head start on getting the best grade. 

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Simple, Easy and Clear

Heater560 carries out complex and detailed calculations but displays the results very clearly and easy to read.  


We'll do all of the complex equation stuff and just give you the results summary

Literature References

Heater560 also provides some literature source equations for important heater calculations such as Radiamt Duty, Process Pressure Drop and Maximum Tube Temperatures.

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