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Fired Heater Process Engineering Services, Furnace Process Engineers, Fired Heater Process Engineers
What we do

Our fired heater engineering service ensures successful project outcomes for your project. Whether for new design, revamp or troubleshooting, we have an engineering service package to meet your objectives and project budget.

How we work

The early stages of most projects will involve our process engineers creating a fired heater simulation using our in-house bespoke technology. The simulation model often becomes the cornerstone in developing project solutions and our ability to maximise this technical advantage is the secret to how we solve problems faster than anyone else.

To provide full technical transparency, our process engineers can share simulation models directly with your own team. These models can be freely accessed and modified at anytime in the future by your own process engineering team.

The nature of the project will tend to dictate the deliverable. For example, study projects for New Design or Optimization, will usually involve writing a detailed formal report from our Lead Process Engineer. Alternatively, fired heater projects with an imminent safety threat or need to restore operation, the deliverable may take the form of a rapid response summary.

What makes us unique?

We think differently. We’re completely independent.

Where others see impossible, we see opportunity. That’s why we have built and 100% own the most powerful fired heater technology in the industry.

We believe in empowering our clients with insights, allowing them to seize opportunities to maximise performance in a challenging marketplace. Whilst we specialise in Fired Heater Process Engineering, we also provide Mechanical, Structural and Electrical engineering disciplines to deliver reliable, sustainable and cost effective solutions for our clients.

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Fired Heater Process Engineering Services, Furnace Process Engineers, Fired Heater Process Engineers
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