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burners and flames
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Heater560's Cost Estimate feature automatically prepares a comprehensive cost estimate for your fired heater, with up-to-date vendor prices. You can also save the prices of your own preferred sub vendors.

The estimate is itemised logically, with separate pricing provided for Steelwork, Ladders & Platform, Tubes & Fittings, Refractory Insulation, Burners and much more. Whether you require a quick budgetary or a detailed cost schedule, Heater560 allows you to prepare an estimate faster than ever before. 

Since the calculations are done instantly, Heater560 enables you to quickly and accurately compare the cost impact of different options for new designs or revamp projects. You can now have the confidence of being able to select the most cost efficient solution without spending hours finding the costs for each of the different options.

We understand that flexibility is paramount and therefore, you have the complete flexibility to modify and save the pricing rates for each item. This way, the program will produce the cost estimate based on the prices from your own preferred sub vendors.

The Cost Estimate is itemised into the following areas:

- Steelwork Fabrication

- Ladders & Platforms

- Painting

- Tubes & Fittings

- Tube Finning

- Tube Supports

- Coil Fabrication

- Burners

- Instrumentation

- Fans

- Air Pre-heaters

- Refractory & Anchors

- Miscellaneous

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