Fired Heater Simulation Technology & Engineering

Fired Heater Simulation Technology & Engineering

Optimize the design and performance of your fired heaters and furnaces
Who we are...

We are the only provider of heater technology without any conflicting commercial interests.

We are a team of engineers who believe in empowering our fellow engineers with the latest technology, to make their work more efficient in today's digital landscape.

What we do...

We provide digital solutions for fired heater engineers and operators in the Oil & Gas and Petrochemical sector. We offer bespoke technology and services across all areas including design, optimization, training and troubleshooting.

Our Mission

Our mission is to enhance the Safety, Performance and Design process of all fired heaters and furnaces worldwide, engaging all key stakeholders including Operators, EPCs, Heater Companies and Sub Suppliers

Fired Heater Simulation

Powering thinkers...

We are here to serve the frustrated engineer who wants to win big, maximise performance and deliver for their client, the visionary CEO who wants to go carbon neutral in two years not ten, the team leader that, at a click of a button wants to know his team and site are safe; and the board of directors who demand tangible insight into their businesses performance.

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