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Strange but true...

Software from the 1970’s is still being used everyday in fired heater and furnace design across the globe.

Since then there has been a slow pace of development in function and performance meaning an engineer takes a year on average to be fully competent using the software and far too long to perform basic tasks. Despite us all living in a digital age, intelligent colleagues in the field of heater design are operating with systems and software out of step with multibillion pound industries and we run the risk of being left behind.

If it’s not broke, why fix it?

We think it’s irresponsible and bad for business.

It’s time to start asking some tough questions:

- Is relying on your competitor to provide you with technology and handle your data really sustainable?

- Isn’t it about time that we’re able to track the efficiency of an operating heater at any given moment?

- How many unexpected NOx emissions fines can you financially justify before you demand the insight to avoid them?

- Does continually calling on retired colleagues when ‘we’re stuck’ make sense for your business?

- Shouldn't we harness AI technology to reduce fired heater downtime, safety threats and unexpected losses?

We’ve spent a lot of time asking these hard questions and building the intelligent technology that provides you with the solutions.

We are here to serve the frustrated engineer who wants to win big, maximise performance and deliver for their client, the visionary CEO who wants to go carbon neutral in two years not ten, the team leader that, at a click of a button wants to know his team and site are safe; and the board of directors who demand tangible insight into their businesses performance.

Less time spent inputting data means our customers can focus on maximising their business output. With intelligent intuitive technology built in as standard, our customers and their clients can have more transparent, collaborative projects that foster longer business relationships.

We design, customise and build end to end technology and provide seamless digital solutions our industry deserves and your customers expect.

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