API 560 Fired Heater Design Templates

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The design listed below will cover API Fired Heater design options with a range of common feedstock services, including Therminol, Crude, Regen Gas. The configurations of the fired heaters will also include Vertical Cylindrical, Cabin and Box heaters with multiple radiant firing zones.

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Vertical Cylindrical Fired Heater

Therminol Process Fluid Heating Medium heater

Vertical Cylindrical Carbon Steel,

Cabin Fired Heater

Crude Oil Process Fluid with horizontal radiant tubes as per API 560

Cabin Carbon Steel,

Box Heater

Vertical Tube Box Heater with central burners having hot oil process fluid

Box Carbon Steel,

Helical Coil Heater

Helical coil inside the radiant section are often used with smaller duty requirements and can offer a cost effective solution with minimal footprint and process pressure drop

Vertical Cylindrical Carbon Steel,

Vertical Cylindrical Heater with Fuel Oil

Fuel oil firing fired heater with 321 SS tubes which is often necessary to tolerate corrosive components within the fuel

Vertical Cylindrical 18Cr(FORWARDSLASH)10Ni(FORWARDSLASH)Ti - 321 SS,

Twin Cell Cabin Heater

Identical twin cabin heater often used for heating Crude Oil process fluids with higher process duty requirements

Vertical Cylindrical Carbon Steel,

Types of Heaters

Fired Heater Types

Vertical Cylindrical Heater (VC)

Cabin Fired Heater

Box Fired Heater

Double Fired Cabin Heater

Double Fired Box Heater

Multi-Radiant VC Heater

Multi-Radiant Cabin Heater

Multi-Radiant Box Heater

Vertical & Horizontal Coils - All types

Process Services

Therminol XP Heater

Dowtherm Heater

Glycol Heater

Water/Steam Heater

Steam Superheater

Crude Oil Heater

Vacuum Heater

Reactor Feed Heater

Reactor Charge Heater

Stabilizer Reboiler Heater

Splitter Reboiler Heater

Stills Reboiler Heater

Regeneration Gas Heater

Bitumen Heaters

Relevant Standards

API Standard 560 Fired Heaters for General Refinery Service

API Standard 530 Calculation of Heater Tube Thickness



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